Getting Crafty with Organizing at Home

Getting Crafty with Organizing at Home

Organizing is my love language. It’s my sister’s too. I’m not sure if we inherited it from my mother or my father. We come from a long line of men (on both sides of our family) who served in the military and the military definitely requires its soldiers to achieve a level of organization.

So that level of organization and detail could have been passed down through the years. But, maybe it’s just in our blood?! Regardless of our love of organizing and all things organized, we sometimes battle resistance when it comes to an organizing project.

We’re still human.

Recently, I’ve been resisting organizing the garage. The summer heat, other priorities in the house, kids being home for the summer, etc. have been stellar excuses (if you ask me) to avoid it. While the unorganized garage constantly berates me every time I go in there (well, maybe I’m berating myself for avoiding getting it organized), it hit me that I have another organizing project that I haven’t prioritized and I had zero excuses for not doing it – my crafts box.

Since COVID, my family and I have gotten very crafty. We love doing craft projects together. Thanks, YouTube and Pinterest, for all the fun ideas. That being said, most of my crafts are currently stashed in a box. Since I work for INSP!RED Product Development Group – makers of the Cabinet Caddy, an instant-organizer for cluttered spaces, I have easy access to the perfect organizer for all of our crafts.
(I recommend ordering two to ensure you can organize and store all of your crafts.)

Here’s my easy as 1-2-3 step process to how I got our crafts neatly organized.

Step One:

Schedule time to do it. Since I’m an early-morning person, I like to hit the ground running with projects first thing in the morning. I find that if I get up a few hours before my son, I can accomplish a lot. So, I scheduled 30 minutes first thing in the morning to focus on my craft organization project.

Step Two:

Put everything on your desk or table and put it in groups. This step is vital. For example, all of my paints went together on the desk. Then, all of my glue. The same for crayons, chalk, markers, etc. This is how you’ll want to store your crafts. Nothing is worse than being almost finished and realizing you missed something in the box. I pulled everything out of the box and put it on the desk so I could see what I was working with.

Step Three:

Start from the bottom of your Cabinet Caddy and fill up the first shelf. If you’re using your Cabinet Caddy for the first time, follow the setup instructions below before you start to fill it up. Remember, the Caddy works best when the shelves are full (which wasn’t a problem for me – we have a lot of crafts). After you fill up the first shelf, continue filling up on the next shelf.


Grab the sheet of Stick-On Labels and choose a category (i.e. crafts) or use the blank labels and write your own. Notice there is a LEFT SIDE label and a RIGHT SIDE label. Choose your category and place the LEFT SIDE label on the LEFT handle and the RIGHT SIDE label on the RIGHT HANDLE. IMPORTANT: The arrows on the labels show which way the shelf will rotate.

And, just like that, my organizational heart was full (and my messy craft box is no longer).

Pro tip:
 After each craft project, we now take time to put everything back where we found it. That makes it much more appealing to start another craft project the next time we’re ready. And, it makes doing crafts a lot more fun because things are easy to find and easily accessible.

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