5 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

I’m past due on putting out my fall decorations. While I realize there isn’t a set timeframe, the first signs of fall – a few cooler mornings and days, glimpses of leaves turning colors, etc. typically inspire me to get all things fall on display in my house. School, traveling, etc. has gotten in the way, but I plan to be in full decorating mode this coming weekend. Part of my decorating routine includes cleaning the house at the same time. I use it as an excuse to do a “spring cleaning” in the fall and give my home a quick, budget-friendly fall makeover.


  1. Switch Out Your Framed Photos & Artwork

As I dust my picture frames and artwork that’s displayed, I often switch out photos for more recent ones we’ve taken, or sometimes I’ll display past fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving photos to stick with the theme. I also use this time to hang new picture collages in the house – a statement wall is a fun way to give a room a whole new look. Naturally, I use my Go Hang It! Pro to ensure I can hang my framed photos and artwork with ease and without putting a thousand holes in my wall (which keeps harmony in my marriage). 


  1. Change Your Throw Pillows & Add a Blanket

Whether it’s fall-themed pillows (which can be found at places like Kohls, Target, Amazon, Wayfair, etc.), or pillows that are fall-colors, adding these along with a fall-themed or fall-colored blanket to your living space gives your home a warm and welcoming makeover.



  1. Rearrange a Room

A new furniture configuration can be the perfect way to give your home a fresh look. While it might seem cumbersome, empty the room before you rearrange it (this includes removing things from the walls). This is a chance to declutter, clean those hard to reach spots and rehang or hang new things after you have the room arranged the way you like it.


  1. Make Repairs

Is there a broken drawer that needs to be fixed? Some touch-up spots that need painting? A stain that needs to be treated in the carpet or on a piece of furniture? Most of us have a long list of repairs that need to happen in our home. Repairs give your home a fresh look and feel and it makes things look so much better.


  1. Display Fall Fruits & Vegetables

From pumpkins to grapes to apples, fall produces a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Instead of hiding them away in the pantry or fridge, put them in a pretty bowl or basket and put them on display. It gives your home a colorful boost and it encourages your family to grab something healthy to munch on at the same time.



Did you give your home a fall makeover? We’d love to see it, so please share your photos with us.


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