Oh SNAP! Our Newest Product Is Here.

Oh SNAP! Our Newest Product Is Here.

When my father and I invent products, we always make sure our products have a WOW factor, can be patented, appeals to a large audience, and helps make life easier for those who use it.  Often, we take something that already exists and make it 100x better. This includes looking at our own inventions, along with customer feedback, to determine if/how we can improve them. As a result, we are proud to announce our customer-inspired Cabinet Caddy SNAP! is now available.


The Cabinet Caddy SNAP! is our new and improved pull-and-rotate organizer with adjustable shelves for spices, prescriptions, crafts and so much more. What’s new? Well…

  1. The Cabinet Caddy SNAP! comes with 3 adjustable shelves plus a “small things” tray, so you can adjust the caddy to fit your items anyway you want.
  2. We made retrieving your items even easier with our patented shelves that pivot upwards, giving you better clearance to remove larger items. 
  3. Each Cabinet Caddy SNAP! comes with a magnetic latch that connects additional units side-by-side, so you can add on as you see fit.

And best of all, we made the Cabinet Caddy SNAP! shorter to fit in smaller spaces, but it can store even more things than before. (You still need to measure your cabinets to ensure you have at least 9” in height and 11” in depth for a proper fit - product dimensions are 8.9" H x 6.1" W x 10.8" D)


Of course, the caddy still comes with the stick-on category labels for each handle like the original Cabinet Caddy, and non-slip feet to keep it steady in your cabinet, countertop or desk.  And the Cabinet Caddy SNAP! arrives ready to organize.  Just snap in your shelves.  No additional assembly required.

If you’re not in need of extra storage in your caddy, then the Cabinet Caddy is still the product for you. However, the Cabinet Caddy SNAP! holds 30% more and is shorter, so it can fit into a wider variety of cabinets if extra space in your caddy and in your cabinet is needed. Both are made with quality materials that are BBA-free.

It’s a great MUST HAVE for the holidays.


Shari Hammond

Co-Founder & CEO

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