Embroidered Polos
by Queensboro

We found a great source for embroidered polo shirts as well as other embroidered apparel and printed apparel. You can even design a logo or design using their online Design Studio.

We don’t think you’ll be disappointed as they guarantee the fit, the quality, and the product must be perfect. Our first order for 6 embroidered black polos was $59.90 total, less than $10 per shirt! Queensboro has a lot of great specials on a regular basis . . . Take a look >>


The above graphic was on the intro page found on their website at http://queensboro.com¬†when we placed our order (it may be updated now) . . . where they show they give discounts, free logo setup, free embroidery and free shipping on your first order if it’s over $50. We’ve been impressed!