Probonix Testimonials

“I have suffered, and I do mean suffered with Lupus for 12 years. My doctor recommended that I use this probiotic as it brings balance to an out of control immune system . . . Fatigue Gone! I am doing things I have not been able to do for years. I am so thankful that finally something has helped and I feel like my old self again. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.” – D. Johnson

“I have suffered from stomach issues since the removal of my gall bladder 7 years ago. Bloating and extreme discomfort especially after eating were just part of a normal day for me. My coworkers often teased me saying it I looked like I got pregnant at lunch. I have tried multiple prescriptions and have had my stomach scoped several times only to be told that it ‘was inflamed and here is a different prescription to try.’ About a year ago, I stopped all prescriptions and modified my diet – I began eating a very clean, fresh food diet with no gluten or breads and still had the same issues. I was coming to terms with the fact that I would need to live with it. A friend of mine suggested probiotics. I was hesitant to try anything else but after doing some research I decided it was worth a try. I happened upon Probonix and was immediately impressed with the product and the company. Being natural and gluten free were very important to me as is their commitment to high quality. Well I was even more impressed when I bought some and started using it. Within in a week I noticed changes. To make sure that I wasn’t imagining it or willing it to be I had my son start using it. He eats very healthy and lifts weights and often suffers from the side effects of protein (aka protein “gas”). I am almost more thrilled with his results than my own. He wasn’t the only one that suffered from his gas! The longer I take this the better I feel. I have so little bloating and discomfort now just 4 weeks later that I can imagine that soon I am going to have days without any! I see myself using Probonix for the rest of my life. I don’t want to go back to feeling awful again now that I have a choice. Thank you Humarian Research – if I every meet any of you in person please know that I am going to hug and kiss you!” -Stephanie Jeffreys

“I was waking up in the mornings like arthritis was through my body, got some blood work done and found out I had a thyroid problem, Doc put me on this liquid probiotic with another all natural for my thyroid, the pain has left my body 90%. So I will continue to take it.” -Dolly

“I love this product, especially the liquid form, just four drops under your tongue and you are done. The flavor is grape, but tastes like sweet tarts candy. It also has a unique blend of pro-botics, and has all your essential minerals, like magnesium, maganese, selenium potassium and more. So it is great to use everyday. They just don’t tell the amounts of everything listed on the label. But I plan to buy again.” – Amazon Customer

“Absolutely great, really. Normal digestion for the first time! Completely cured my lifelong constipation. All straining, pushing, feeling crampy, not going for days (up to a week) is gone and now I have normal elimination for the first time in my life. For those of you who suffer the same, it would be worth it for you to give it a shot. I now know what a normal bowel movement feels like! In addition, my pooch in the lower abdomen disappeared the first day on this product. I take 12-18 drops per day.” – I. Thompson

“I really like this probiotic product . . . I’ve been around the block with regards to probiotics of various forms. I eat fermented foods, have made/still make my own yogurt and kefir, etc. I have noticed various issues with my body improve. However, it wasn’t until I started using concentrated liquid probiotics that certain issues greatly improved. I’ve tried a couple liquid probiotics . . . I like this one best. No gluten (one product had that), no refrigeration needed (big plus), great price and tastes good! (My youngest even likes it! Wasn’t the case with the others we tried.) By the way, I use more than the label suggests. As a person who’s been doing fermented foods and probiotics for a while, I don’t recommend that others new to such a product take my path. It is best to start as the label suggests, and listen to your body. Keep in mind that “die off” [of the “bad” bacteria] is common and might cause one to feel nasty effects. Reduce your dose for a while, and let the “reaction” subside before adding more drops. I’m an athlete and do some long ‘workouts’ in my sport. Two years ago, I had a health challenge manifest that made it extremely difficult and very painful to participate in my sport . . . even at very low levels. (No endurance, strength evaporated . . . and so did my “everyday energy”. Plus, recovery took forever!) I’ve found that this product really helps me a great deal. I’ve run out by accident a couple of times and found that I’d do a backslide. Once the new order arrives at my door, 2-4 days later I am a new person. I’m staying with this one!” – Cloud Gazer

“This is my second bottle of Probonix and I am very happy that I started using this probiotic. I was told probiotics would help my stomach issues and tried several over the years but never noticed a difference. The ones that needed to be refrigerated and I thought should somehow be more effective just weren’t. Love that this is a liquid, love that there’s no refrigeration required and I can throw it in my purse and take it with me. It’s a great idea and I’m glad someone finally came up with it! I no longer have to take that “little purple pill” every day and I love that as well!” – Grammy R

“I love Probonix! I’ve never been regular until I started this product. I’ve tried other probiotics and they never seemed to work and tasted terrible! So excited and happy to have found this! I’ve been telling everyone 🙂 Probonix is definitely a MUST!” – T. Johnson

“Easy travel size, no refridgeration and makes a huge difference in my digestion. Was recommend by my Functional MD and I’ve not found anything better on the market.” – D. Dernberger

“Excellent product! It has been helping my son who has autism. More talkative, focused, observant and interactive. Others have noticed the improvement as well! Probonix is the miracle I have been hoping for. He mixes it in his iced tea every day. It is also helping with the chronic constipation he has had since infancy. I have tried many other probiotics on him but Probonix is the ONLY one that has worked this well and without any stomach cramps. Please do not stop making this wonderful product!” – Donna D.

“I have used this product successfully for about a year now; I appreciate the convenience of being able to take my probiotics in a liquid form, that is no doubt more bio-available. Lately I have been adding 6 drops to 2 ounces of pure aloe juice every evening. The tightness in my stomach and occasional gas pains are all but gone. As probiotics have also been shown to assist people with asthma, I have noticed a much-decreased need to use my inhaler. I have no reservations about recommending this product to others, and have done so on many occasions.” -Midwest Mom

“Probonix has been a true blessing for both my son and me. We have both suffered from severe “seasonal” and other allergies (treated with both prescription pills and nasal sprays) along with chronic reflux (both of us were on double doses of Nexium daily). Thanks to Probonix, we are both no longer taking reflux or allergy meds (along with all their yucky side effects; ugh, the dry mouth and dry nasal passages!). Can’t say enough great things about this product. Thanks Probonix for the “healing” of our gut which has been huge for our overall/whole body healing process!” -Kellie S.

“I am so thankful for this amazing product! I have struggled with a wheat allergy for several years, missing out on some of my former favorite foods, not being able to try new foods, and worst of all always having to read the labels before buying anything. Since taking Probonix I am able to enjoy foods like pizza, and can have buns on my burgers again! I am ordering more for myself and some to give to my family.” – A. Huskins

“This product is very effective and easy to take . . . my husband . . . likes that it does not have to be refrigerated. It is packaged nicely and arrives quickly. We recommend this to all of our friends. My husband feels it’s a good price point for what you get. Since taking Probonix, he has felt less bloated . . . ” – M. Marcum”This probiotic is great! easy and quick to use for myself and my 2 year old. I did go through some healing

crisis with it (which is great and how I know it’s working) and I have also become very “regular” with 5 star #2’s :o) LOL. Highly recommended!” – Lucia

“I have been wanting to try a probiotic and this two month supply is a great trial size to see how it works! I like that this is in liquid form and there’s is no refrigeration required. So far it has been working great for my stomach problems after eating.” – Nikki G

“I bought this for my entire family to use. I use it everyday at least once a day, and more if my stomach is upset from something I ate. I notice it really cuts down on gas and bloating even after eating things that usually give me stomach upset.” – Tkolive

“I had several issues through out the year and didn’t understand why. I ate and drank every yogurt I could get my hands on but no positive results. After this, I’m never going back to another probiotic again. Period. Must have.” – Lexi

“I have purchased three times. we give to my 6 month old granddaughter who had colic and it seemed to help with the colic and now we just think a regular daily dose is better for immune system.” – K. Richards

“AWESOME! Now I know that I have healthier digestive sistem I’ve been on it for over six months I feel stronger and even lighter because I lost 10 pounds, thank you.” – W. Latorre

“Great product. Good energy and helps with regulation of digestion. Economical and ease of ordering make this something to recommend to family and friends.” – R. Preston

“Bought this for my wife who has stomach problems and she noticed a difference right away. We will continue to buy this to help her digestive system.” – Randy VDV

“I give it to my 4 month old and he loves it. A few weeks ago everyone in the house had a cold except him because of this stuff.” – G. Alexander

“Best probiotic I have found, plus it is easy to give to children–no powder or pill to give, just a few drops a day.” – E. Raess

“Been taking for over a week and really feel the difference in my tummy . . . so easy to take and tastes great.” – M. Egan

“I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease and multiple chemical sensitivities 25 years ago. Taking probiotics has been a big part of my recovery and health maintenance. I had come to accept joint pain and allergic symptoms as normal and the best I could expect. After a serious bout of joint inflammation and pain, my Doctor gave me a bottle of Probonix to try. I was shocked and overjoyed to awaken the next day with almost complete reduction of inflammation, allergy reactions and pain! I am now a total believer in the fact that a healthy gut leads to overall health in all systems of the body! This is the best, most effective probiotic that I have ever used! I will never be without it!” – Janet G.

“Easy to take, taste is good; I prefer the liquid form, so this is a good choice for me.” -Rebecca

“This is the only probiotic that I have felt a real difference with. Great product.” – K. Mollman

“Amazing! Help with digestive problems. Love that I can carry in my purse. – Smile

“Been a good probiotic for acid reflux. Helpful with other things too.” – M. Brooks

“I thoroughly enjoy using this product. The only one I know to heal my body from the inside out and I am grateful. When I do not take the two drops in the morning and two drops in the evening, I notice a difference in the way I feel – bloated, increased acid reflux, and fatigued. I reap from the benefits by taking four drops a day, where other products I need more and more without as many benefits. It is a win-win for you!” – Barbra B.

“I have been battling Lyme Disease for 5 years! Part of my holistic treatment includes high quality Probiotics. A family member introduced me to Probonix last year. I took it to my Medical Dr who promptly tested me and was amazed how well I responded to it! Six months later, I still test well and am very stable with Probonix. It continues to be an important part of my treatment! So grateful for this product!” – Sharon D.

“Cleared a sinus infection in just a few days. This stuff is great!” – Lpj

“I don’t feel as gassy when I take this . . . which is a plus lol!” – A. Greenwood

“I use this in my toddler’s water bottle. She is very picky about the flavors of things so putting two drops of this in her water bottle helps her to get her probiotics without noticing the flavor. It has also helped to clear up an issue she was having with loose stools. I use it sometimes too but I don’t put mine in water, the taste does not bother
me. I will be ordering more when I run out.” – Turkette

“Great product . . . it works wonders and easy to take, my new must have probiotic.” – J. Matthis

“This probiotic doesn’t have to be refrigerated. It is very easy to take as well as very effective. Was a great recommendation.” – Suzie

“This product is effective. I am an IBS sufferer and this helped ease my symptoms. I will continue using this product.” – V. Kucharova

“I put 2 drops in their morning juice and they are good to go. (No pun intended, but it certainly has made them more regular in the go department.) I was giving them chewable kids probiotics and they hated them, but now they don’t even realized they are taking them!” – L. Strehle

“This is an awesome probiotic.” – KK

“I did have Candida but had gotten through it, and I had been taking a probiotic for a very long time and had found one that was working well. My friend recommended this one so I tried it and and I immediately saw improvement in how I felt (surprising because I was doing fairly well). About two weeks or so later I went through a detox and saw that my body was “cleaning house” . . . also a little surprising, but I came out on the other side improved and I am so happy with it. It is very convenient and easy to take, doesn’t need refrigeration, came quickly, packaging looked good and it has more than lived up to the claims about it. I HIGHLY recommend it.” – Grandma D

“This stuff is a blessing! When my 5 month old started eating cereal she got really backed up. I put this in each meal and she goes everyday : )” – Ashley

“I am on my second bottle of Probonix. It is absolutely AMAZING! I have been suffering from being constantly bloated for years. It causes a lot of gas if you have a lot of bad bacteria in your gut. When I was on my first bottle I was unbelievably gassy but stuck with it. It is now subsiding. I definitely feel better. No refrigeration is a plus, awesome size, best shelf life and completely convenient.” – zach attack

“Great product! Easy to use with my young infant with digestive issues.” -S. McLane

“I used to get indigestion and bloated in my belly every evening, but since taking my Probonix I no longer have these issues additionally I don’t get sick as often anymore and I have lost 45 lbs!!! This is t he BEST Probiotic I have found on the market and I have tried many. This is easy to use and convenient if you don’t like swallowing pills.”
– Roderick B.

“Super easy to use and perfect for my infant.” – E. Bracke

“This stuff works so good! I take it as described 4 drop twice a day. I have celiac disease and have alot of digestive issues and this stuff has changed my life. I have just reordered again and will continue purchasing!” – Candy

“This is an amazing product! I have tried the most “acclaimed” and “best” on Amazon and other market places, but this one by far exceeded my expectations. No bloating, no nausea, no discomfort, it is just fast and effective. Thank you for creating such and amazing product!” – K. Staykova

“I used Probionix for 2 months. Mixed it into liquids and could not taste it. I have had past IBS associated issues, and this product worked as advertised on those symptoms. They really vanished, and it was very simple to use. But the best part is the no risk money back guarantee, and the desire of the seller for the buyer to be satisfied. I don’t
suppose there is anything in this world that works exactly the same way for each person, so the fact that they stand behind their product if you aren’t satisfied makes trying it an easy decision. Even if it did not work for me, I would have been satisfied with the company for that reason alone. They are available to answer questions and truly want your feedback and to know the results you experienced.” -John

“I purchased these liquid probiotics for my step-father who is has oral cancer. After battling two rounds of C-dif it was recommended that he take probiotics. Swallowing pills or capsules has become very difficult for him, so the Probonix liquid form has been a godsend. He is presently taking antibiotics for a separate infection but the Probonix seems to be staving off another round of C-dif. I HIGHLY recommend!” – KofOregon

“This is a great product! I noticed its effectiveness within the first 48 hours of using. Digestion, assimilation and elimination all improved. As a result my chronic post nasal drip has lessened and I feel generally stronger.” – Judy “Dallas Coffee Maven”

“This Probiotic works really good! I take it as described 4 drop twice a day. I used to get indigestion and bloated in my belly every evening, but since taking Probonix I No Longer have these issues. Thank you.” – R. Zerpa

“This product is very effective and easy to take. I bought this for my husband and he likes that it does not have to be refrigerated. It is packaged nicely and arrives quickly. We recommend this to all of our friends. My husband feels it’s a good price point for what you get. Since taking Probonix, he has felt less bloated. Great product!” -M. Marcum



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